Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chicken in Sauce - Thai Style Recipe

This recipe is very easy to cook. It doesn't take long to cook and it's delicious.

Ingredients (4-5 serves)

- Chicken breast, legs or wings 4-5 pcs (if wings it could be 10-15 pcs)

- 1 big onion rough chopped (1cm pcs)

- 1 carrot rough chopped

- 1/2 cup peas

- 3 tb.sp. Ketchup

- 1 tb.sp. Chilli sauce (medium - hot)

- 2 tb.sp. Fish sauce

- 2 tb.sp. Oyster sauce

- 2 tb.sp. Terriyaki sauce

- 1 tb.sp. Black soya sauce

- 1 tb.sp. Sugar

- 1 cup chicken stock

- 2 tb.sp. Olive oil


- Prepare chicken by washing in salt water, leave the skin

- Heat the pan, pour olive oil, add chicken, cover the pan with lid, use medium heat

- Turn chicken every 1 minute until light brown, then get rid of oil and leave only 2 tb.sp. in the pan

- Add onion, carrot, peas and other vegetables as you like, stir for 1-2 minutes

- Add chicken stock, turn on the heat to high, once boiled add all sauces

- Turn down the heat to medium, cover the pan with lid and leave it stimmered for around 8-10 minutes

This Chicken in Sauce can be served with rice, potato and vegetables. It should look dark brown color. A little tip is when you fry the chicken, there could be a lot of oil and you don't want your dish to be very oily and fatty. So it's best to get rid of the oil. The oil from chicken skin should come out as much as possible and you may get rid of the skin before adding vegetables for healthy purpose. Enjoy!!